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"GREEN" Evans

Associate Strategist

"I love that I get to support a variety of businesses in their growth and success. Working in many different industries gives me a unique perspective (and fosters a diverse skill set) that allows for out-of-the-box solutions for the toughest marketing and strategy problems."

Victoria Circle

Let's start with the basics.

I joined BS+Co. with four years of experience in the marketing agency space, with a particular focus on empowering SMBs to achieve their growth goals. Before that, I spent time working in the finance industry, while also working closely with creatives, coaching them on how to grow their businesses through marketing.

I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a B.A. in business, writing, and sociology. I'm currently pursuing my master's in management and leadership. When it comes to my work, I'm passionate about testing out-of-the-box strategies others aren't exploring, and asking challenging questions that enable those around me to think bigger and differently.

Outside of the office, I'm a happily married mom to two children... as well as 50 house plants and two dogs! I'm also an avid traveler and camper who thrives during the summer (boo, cold weather!), and loves to be near water. (As a Michigander, I often find myself relaxing near one of the Great Lakes.)

My Companies...

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At My Happiest...

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What gets me up in the morning...

+ Big picture strategy

+ Social media strategy

+ Personal branding

+ Customer journey strategy

+ Advertising

+ Being the voice of reason 

Passions + bragging rights

+ I'm passionate and knowledgeable about mental health and neurodivergency.

+ I'm happiest near water – lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, and puddles.

+ I have an uncanny ability to see and defend all sides of an argument/opinion. I should have been a lawyer.

+ My hidden talent is that I can make a wide variety of balloon animals and big balloon arches for parties and events – but I will not dress as a clown. No clowns.

Charity of Choice

Each month BS+Co. makes a donation on behalf of an employee.  In November 2022, Victoria chose:

"I chose Lucky Dog Refuge in Stamford, CT because I’ve always been a big dog lover and have rescued a few dogs myself. Helping animals in need is a passion of everyone in my family.

The work that Lucky Dog Refuge is doing is amazing. To witness firsthand how much joy they’re bringing both the animals and their new families brings the biggest smile to my face."