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Operations Advocate

"Take care of the team and they will take care of their companies... everything else will fall into place. I love taking care of my people and setting them up for the highest success."

Rachel Circle

Let's start with the basics.

I’ve always had a passion for connecting with people. Starting as early as middle school, I discovered I had a gift for connection. I worked with the Deaf Community in Southwest Florida throughout high school and then pursued a degree in American Sign Language to grow my ability to connect.

After some time interpreting for the deaf in the medical field, I found my strengths lie in administration. Business administration has given me many opportunities, and creating meaningful connections with patients and staff is among the most fulfilling. Team appreciation and engagement are my theology and key to success. I preach, “Take care of the people who take care of your clients and everything else will follow,” to everyone who will listen.

When I'm not working (and often when I am), I’m being a momma to my three babies: Amelia, Jack, and Ben. The tiny bit of time I have left over, I spend immersed in crafting of all kinds: kayaking, nature photography, and seeking new experiences.

My Company...


At My Happiest...

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What gets me up in the morning...

+ Business efficiency

+ Team development

+ Creative processes

+ Business strategy

+ Empathetic leadership

+ Coaching + mentorship

Passions + bragging rights

+ Fluent in American Sign Language

+ A massive knowledge base of early childhood development

+ Can identify a wide range of Florida wildlife - more recently hyper fixed on fungi/mushrooms

+ Personal health + nutrition