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"You've been burned before."

So have I. For more than 10 years, I worked at agencies that promised they were ‘companies first!’ But in reality, you always came last. That’s why I started BS+Co., so I could work the way that I love and you deserve. 

This is the rallying cry behind ‘No bullshit, no bureaucracy.’ It’s not a tagline, it’s our reason for being.”

– Britt Schwartz, Founder + CEO 

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No bureaucracy. No bullshit.

When you work with BS+Co., you experience the best of both worlds. A marketing team that feels “in-house” – the in-house commitment to your vision and mission, seamless integration with your in-house resources – with the honest, strategic perspective of an outsider you need.

We deliver better because we’re built differently.

Even with the best intentions, traditional agencies embrace processes and org charts and other bullshit like “value-based pricing” that fundamentally doesn’t work. Rather than serving you, these agency tropes create needless red tape, foster layers of maddening bureaucracy, and make it impossible for their staff of experts to ever put you first. 

This is not a gimmick; this is our life’s work. And we’ll never stop challenging ourselves to do this work because our vision of what you deserve from an agency relationship is worth fighting for.

It's you,
not us

We have purposefully chosen an inverted org chart where you and your organization live at the top. Why? Because our companies (you) are the most important people in BS+Co.

Leadership, not management

We operate within a novel leadership structure focused on advocacy and accountability – without managers – all in service of removing the bureaucracy between you and your results.

not process

We empower our people with the tools, resources, and autonomy they need to truly embed themselves within your team.

The capabilities now at your fingertips:

+ content strategy
+ technical writing 
+ technical SEO
+ traditional SEO
+ budget, resource allocation
+ paid social advertising
+ partnership marketing

+ sales enablement
+ keyword research
+ website development
+ closed-loop reporting
+ branding and graphic design
+ email marketing
+ account-based marketing

+ brand and website messaging
+ business development
+ marketing automation
+ HubSpot
+ WordPress

Talk results to me.

Because our companies operate within sensitive, highly-regulated industries (e.g., government contracting, healthcare, etc.), we can't use names. Well, we could, but then we'd have to kill you. 


+ 375% increase in inbound leads in 30 days

+ 450% increase in inbound leads overall

+ 125% increase in organic website traffic

+ 274% increase in MQL to SQL conversation

+ 20% increase in revenue, year-over-year


+ 20% increase in organic leads

+ 3.5% increase in organic MQLs

+ 35% increase in organic SQLs

+ 50% increase in organic closed-won deals


+ Achieved acquisition on time

+ Achieved unexpected second acquisition by Fortune 500

"I can see it's dangerous for you but if the government trusts me, maybe you could."

– Maverick, Top Gun