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Scaling with People, Not Process

I recently wrote about how we are choosing to scale our team, despite being very against the idea initially. This article is meant to provide a little more clarity around the way in which we are choosing to scale.

In general, the accepted methods for scaling a business are all about processes. The idea is to create repeatable processes such that you can interchange the people acting within the process and produce a repeatable, quality result.

This is all fine and dandy for certain businesses, particularly those where you are making a product. But for true service-based businesses, your people are your product.

Never ones to do something just because “that’s the way it's always been done,” Britt and I have very consciously decided to scale in a different way.

A Homing Beacon for High Performers

Instead of trying to create repeatable everything and treat people like interchangeable cogs in a machine, we want to be a magnet for high performers.

Incredible people do incredible things. So if we can create an environment where high performers can thrive, then they win, our clients win, and we win. What’s not to like?

We believe in creating a place where people can come and do things in the amazing and unique way that they do them, rather than forcing them into an artificial box.

We believe that attracting the most talented people, and then letting them be talented, is more powerful than any process.

We believe that real relationships are built by real people, not by repeating the same process for every client.

No Cookie Cutters Please

Our clients don’t want cookie cutter, and neither do we.

Great ideas, and great marketing, happens when people think outside of the box. So we opted to get rid of the boxes.

We see the relationships between all members of our team (including ourselves) to be more of a mastermind community rather than a staunch hierarchy. We seek to bring smart brains into one room so even smarter ideas can come out of it.

We Focus on Why, Rather than What or How

Our why is as clear as day: We want to be the place nobody ever wants to leave.

We ask our team to live this why in their client relationships every day. Our job is not to direct exactly what they do to achieve this, or force them to follow a repeatable process for how to do this.

We are absolutely available, along with every other smart brain on our team, to brainstorm and work together with our team members in building the plan for the what and the how. But the fun part is that it will be unique to each client that walks through our proverbial doors.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Wait just a second, what if we could have the best of both worlds?

Process may not be our method of scaling, but that doesn’t mean we can’t harness what we’ve learned, the strategies that have proven fruitful, and create a foundation.

While we have chosen not to scale using process, what we have done is consciously chosen to tap and store the collective knowledge of our talented team. 

When we do something that works well, we document it. Then every member of the team has access to that, and they can choose to use whatever pieces they see fit. Depending on the client, the situation, or the weather, our team has full authority to use whatever the heck they want (and not use whatever the heck they want).

The Bottom Line

Smart people do smart things. So we choose smart people. And actually give them the freedom to do smart things.