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Iron Sharpens Iron Series: Rick MacKirdy, mentor

If you are new to the Iron Sharpens Iron Series, I urge you to check out the inaugural post to learn more about what the series is all about.

Iron sharpens iron, and the people in my life sharpen me. They make me better. They make me more than I can be alone. And this series is about interactions I’ve had that make me better, that change my perspective, and that challenge me to grow. 

This is all about interactions that have left a lasting impression on me. No matter how small, or short the interaction, if it leaves an impression worth sharing, it will live in this series.



Rick MacKirdy

CEO of Modus Advanced, Inc., and one of my favorite people.

The Sharpening of Iron

If you’ve heard the origin story of BS+Co., even from a distance, you’ve heard of Modus.

If you’ve stepped foot into any space I’ve claimed as my working space (guest room, daughter’s old bedroom, co-working space, and now our office) you’ve seen more Modus branded things than BS+Co.’s.

If you open my wallet, out will fall a picture of Modus…okay, that’s too far, but it wouldn’t be surprising to anyone who spends any amount of time with me.

Why all of this focus on Modus and Rick?

I met Rick at a very important time in my life. I had just made the decision to start my own company and had no idea if anyone would ever want what I wanted to offer.

After a quick intro via email to help him edit his footer in HubSpot, Rick asked me to meet to discuss an ABM strategy.

One thing led to another and a few months later, he was my first ‘real’ retainer client.

Rick, likely not purposefully, became my mentor. I studied him as he shared the vision of Modus, the passion for what they have created, and how it impacted the lives of our Navy Seals.

From day one, Rick has given me the toughest of love in the most gentle of ways.

I learned quickly that he will often suggest something in a way that feels non-threatening and kind. He positions his feedback as little nuggets of knowledge that if you don’t slow down to listen you’ll miss.

Rick not only gave me a vision of what a passionate business owner and CEO looks like, but he literally helped me build the model of the company we are today. Maybe he doesn't even realize how much he influences everything I do.

It’s easy to point at the first person who gave you that first dollar and say, “They were great!” But Rick isn’t great because he was the very first person who believed in me and still believes in BS+Co., he’s great because he is kind and strong. His passion for what Modus does is as strong as it was the day I met him. The depth of his responsibility to do the right thing, for everyone, always - has become something I strive to achieve.

Everything BS+Co. has grown up to be is owed to Rick.

Everything I like to think I am as a leader and CEO is owed to Rick.

Thank you, Rick, from the bottom of my heart for changing my life and believing in my vision. I would not be here without you.