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Iron Sharpens Iron Series: Bob Dziewulski, Advisor

If you are new to the Iron Sharpens Iron Series, I urge you to check out the inaugural post to learn more about what the series is all about.

Iron sharpens iron, and the people in my life sharpen me. They make me better. They make me more than I can be alone. And this series is about interactions I’ve had that make me better, that change my perspective, and that challenge me to grow. 

This is all about interactions that have left a lasting impression on me. No matter how small, or short the interaction, if it leaves an impression worth sharing, it will live in this series.

Bob Dziewulski


Bob Dziewulski

Super Fancy Attorney and owner at DZ Law PLLC

The Sharpening of Iron

I have two new favorite hobbies:

  1. Telling people I just had lunch with my attorney and watching them have immediate sympathy for me

  2. Magically having our attorney appear on client calls to answer questions and help with contracts

I know that #2 won’t always be possible as more and more people figure out what Bob (and Ashleigh) are doing at DZ Law, but for now, it feels like my little secret.

I met Bob by happenstance. We both moved into a co-working space in Knoxville and while wandering around one day looking for new office space (I’m sorry Patrick for the 5 moves I made in 8 months). Bob was nice and we chatted about what he did: business law.

I, quite stupidly said, “Oh, that’s nice! I don’t really have a need for an attorney.”

A few weeks later, I needed a contract reviewed for a new company we were going to work with.

A few weeks later after that, I spilled the entire hopes and dreams of our company onto his lap during a group lunch.

A few weeks after that, I realized having an attorney was a great thing - especially when he was across the hall and I could just walk over to him to ask questions.

A few weeks after that, I very slyly convinced him to leave that co-working space and to find an office that our companies could share. I would like to note that he didn’t seem excited at first because he’d have to buy printer paper. He’s since gotten over that.

A few weeks after that, we signed our lease at 9 Market Square with two units.

Today, I can’t sneak up to his office because both of our floors make so much noise you can’t shift in your seat without them squeaking. But, when I do nosily climb that last flight of stairs, at the top, I’m not greeted by a stuffy, stiff attorney, I find a friend waiting with okay-ish coffee.

Bob has invested himself, his passion, his strategy, and his drive to the betterment of BS+Co, our team, and our companies.

He knows all of our companies by name and has now met most of them. See point #2 above.

We don’t always agree on everything, but since meeting Bob, I’ve grown as a leader, businessperson, and just human being. He pushes me on everything and our company is better for it.

I never doubt that I am getting the most genuine and sound advice, even if I don’t like what I’m being told.

Bob is the definition of iron sharpening iron and we know that we’re the luckiest to have him on our leadership team.

p.s Don’t worry, Ashleigh, your post is coming next!

p.p.s Bob, you can point out all my grammatical errors to me on Monday.