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FOR PUBLIC RELEASE: BS+Co. Company Policies

I have no idea what percentage of businesses publicly share their policies, but I can only guess it’s not very high.

If you’ve been around this neck of the internet for any amount of time, you know that we don’t follow the traditional path, so we’re making our policies public.


These policies are the best method to communicate to future employees and our companies (read clients), what is expected of every BS+Co. employee. We have and will never shy away from who we are, but we’re learning to get a lot more clear about it.

Check them out, and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts when you’re done!

Celebrating our new office with our friends DZ Law.

Celebrating our new office with our friends DZ Law.

Welcome to BS+Co. These are our Policies

These policies are to provide our team members with insight into who BS+Co. is, who we strive to be, and how each member of our team contributes to our mission. 

These policies are intended to create a framework for our team to continue to grow in our success. Hopefully, these policies will answer some of the more fundamental questions for new/existing employees and provide channels to ask questions in the future. 

The Promises We Make To Each Other AKA Our Policies 

Prom·ise: Declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a specific something will happen.

Our Promises, and your promises, are not ideas that were crafted in a boardroom by a committee. 

These are the founding principles that this company and its team members live their entire lives by. There isn't any finger-crossing behind our backs as we present these things to you. These Promises are not to be broken. Not for convenience, profit, or gain of any kind. 

We've used these promises to help us make some tough decisions, and they've also led us to the most wonderful places. 

Becoming a member of the BS+Co. team is more than just taking a job; it's a statement on how you view yourself, your work, and your industry. We exist to hold ourselves, our team, our peers, and our industry to a higher standard - these promises help us do that.

You Promise to Care for our Companies (Clients):

Caring for our clients is the single most crucial part of any BS+Co. employee's job. Every member of our team is expected to genuinely care about the success of our companies, and this should show in every decision we make. 

The question, "Is this serving our clients well?" should be top of mind at all times. Above anything else, putting clients' needs first is what makes BS+Co. successful. 

We Promise to Care for You:

At BS+Co. we understand to provide clients with the best possible service, our team also must feel cared for and valued. As team members, we promise to be constantly re-evaluating how we can create the optimal environment for our team to thrive. 

Part of this promise requires us to create and enforce specific "rules of engagement" to guide your communications with clients and fellow team members. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse and harassment of any kind. We all have bad days, but any action intended to harm a co-worker or client will be met with immediate action from BS+Co. 

If you feel that you have been a victim of or witnessed any such harassment and/or abuse, whether from another team member or a client, please immediately contact the Operations Director to report the transgression. 

Our legal team is also available to you if you would prefer to report directly to them. Any and all reports of harassment or abuse, regardless of nature, shall be handled by the company with the utmost care and compassion.

You Promise to Operate with Autonomy, and We Promise to Give it to You:

BS+Co. only hires the most innovative and motivated business and marketing experts, aka you. We promise that we have done our due diligence, and every member of our team is prepared to operate independently within their given role and focus solely on their clients and their companies. 

We expect our employees to operate with autonomy from day one. To facilitate this, we promise to provide you with the tools and equipment necessary to deliver for your clients.

You Promise to be Ready for a Challenge:

The willingness and enthusiasm to attempt complex tasks is a must as a member of the BS+Co. team. You will consistently be in front of clients, their staff, and marketing teams. You should be the most motivated person in the room. 

BS+Co. is intentionally sought after by companies in challenging industries like cybersecurity, high-tech, and B2B complex - because our team loves a challenge (anyone can market puppies and cupcakes, right?)

By promising to challenge yourself, we do not expect you to never feel doubtful, falter or fail. We just ask you to jump in head-first to always serve our clients well.

We Promise to Provide You with the Ability to Challenge Yourself:

We understand what we are asking of you is perhaps more than what some companies are willing to accept from their employees. 

We are not like other companies, that is not our goal, and that is not how we choose to operate. 

The only sin is mediocrity, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for it. 

That being said, we also understand that we must provide our team with an environment that fosters and invites excellence. One of the ways we do this is by providing generous benefits and salaries.

You Promise to Experiment:

At this point, you may have noticed these policies are not like any company policies you have ever seen; this is because BS+Co. is not like other companies, and we are certainly not like other marketing agencies. 

At BS+Co. we embrace the concept that the marketing industry is ever-changing. To keep up and be so frickin fantastic that the industry changes because of us, we expect our team to constantly experiment with new ways of doing things.

We Promise to Provide Constructive Feedback:

We understand that asking you to constantly experiment and try new things creates uncertainty regarding your level of performance. 

To provide ourselves and our team with a clear understanding of the effectiveness of specific processes, we promise to provide employees with information regarding how we evaluate employee performance and consistent performance reviews. 

  1. New employees will have weekly check-ins with Britt to acclimate new employees with the company. These check-ins will be performed in person for employees working on-site and via zoom for remote employees. Weekly check-ins will continue until Britt feels that the new employee is acclimated and no longer sees value in consistent check-ins. 

  2. All employees, if time permits, will have bi-weekly check-ins with Britt. This will be a time to share new exciting projects you are working on and discuss potential issues. 

  3. All employees will have a performance review every 6 months. This review will be more in-depth as it is rating the employees' performance over a more extended period. Templates of rubrics used for performance reviews are provided in these policies for employee reference. Following an employee's assessment, the employee will be provided copies of rubric evaluations for their consideration.

You Promise to be a Good Human Being:

This promise should be the easiest to make, though maybe not the easiest to explain. Being a good human as it relates to your employment with BS+Co. means a lot of the same things being a good human in your personal life does.

Precisely, you promise to do the following: 

  1. Always treat your teammates and clients with respect and professionalism. 

  2. To always be honest and efficient with your clients' time and resources. 

  3. You will be asked to manage client budgets, which should be done in the best interest of the company/client.

We Promise to Give You The Environment to Succeed: 

All BS+Co. team members will be offered the option to receive health, dental, and vision insurance through United Health Care. All benefits begin on the employee's start date, and the company shall contribute 50% to the employee's insurance plan. Insurance benefits will be set up through Gusto. Any issues regarding employee insurance benefits should be directed to our Operations Director. 

BS+Co. does not limit employees' vacation days, and all team members will be off on all federal holidays. As a company founded by a mother of 6, we understand that family and off-time are essential to recharge. That being said, to ensure our client's needs are cared for, all vacation time exceeding 3 days must be requested and approved through Gusto. Any questions regarding vacation time should be directed to our Operations Director. 

BS+Co. offers 401K matching 100% of employee contribution up to 4% of employees paycheck. All employees will receive an email from Guideline regarding 401K decisions. Any questions regarding BS+Co. 's 401K program should be directed to our Operations Director. 

All team members will receive biweekly paychecks directly deposited into employees' chosen accounts through Gusto. All employees are paid via BS+Co. 's regularly scheduled payroll. Any questions regarding this should be directed to our Operations Director.

All employees will be provided with a MacBook Pro, and additional equipment such as a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse may be provided upon request. All employees will receive engraved AirPods with the BS+Co. logo as a present from us upon joining the BS+Co. team. 

All equipment provided is for work purposes only, and employees are not to store personal information on their work computers. All BS+Co. team members have promised to maintain the Last Pass account and disclose their Last Pass login credentials to the company if we need to access any accounts maintained on your work computer. 

All employees promise to disclose the password to access their MacBook. Any questions regarding BS+Co. provided equipment should be directed to our Operations Director. A more detailed description of BS+Co. 's equipment policy is contained in the equipment agreement presented to all new BS+Co. team members upon joining the company.

We Promise to Never Bring In and Immediately Remove Any Bullshit:

We do not make empty promises. At BS+Co. we are fully prepared to take the actions necessary to enforce the promises made in these policies. We will remove any bullshit as soon as we detect it. 

Legal Crap 

These policies contain information about employment policies and procedures and an overview of employee benefits with BS+Co. For specific information about employee benefits, you should refer to your employment agreement with BS+Co., which is controlling. The policies and procedures in these policies are guidelines only. 

BS+Co. reserves the right to interpret and administer the provisions of these policies as needed. BS+Co. has the maximum discretion permitted by law to change, modify or delete any provision in these policies at any time with notice to employees. However, oral statements or representations cannot supplement, alter or modify the conditions in these policies.

Each employee should read and become familiar with the information contained in these policies. Failure to comply with BS+Co. 's policies or procedures may result in discipline, up to and including termination.

The provisions in these policies are not intended to in any way create any contractual obligations with respect to your employment.



By providing your electronic signature, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these policies.