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"AGE" Blum

Content Writer

"I love helping companies build and develop their own unique voices. I love that I get to create and tell stories for my job! And I love that I get to interact with different people every day."

AJ Circle

Let's start with the basics.

After a wild, crazy, and fun 15+ years in the TV, commercial, and music video industries, I decided it was time to trade in the beaches of Los Angeles for the mountains of Denver. But my passion for storytelling lives on. Now, I get to craft the narratives for brands and business leaders rather than fictional characters, while making sure that English degree from UC Berkeley doesn’t go to waste!

When I’m not writing (and sometimes when I am), you’ll most likely find me at one of Colorado’s excellent craft breweries or coffee roasters, or in my backyard garden desperately defending my precious plants from these damned Japanese beetles…

My Companies...

PRIMARY New Archon Logo
Final Files__Full Logo-Full Color

At My Happiest...

AJBeer - AJ Blum
AJHiking - AJ Blum
AJLaceyRedRocks - AJ Blum
AJCooking - AJ Blum
AJGarden - AJ Blum
AJ6 - AJ Blum

What gets me up in the morning...

+ Connecting with people

+ Storytelling

+ Finding the best brewery in town

+ Finding the best coffee roaster in town

+ Getting way too into things

+ Randomly knowing all the words to classic Disney songs

Passions + bragging rights

+ Finished the Death Valley Marathon

+ Wrote an episode of an aired, primetime TV show

+ Officiated multiple weddings

+ Have seen every one of my beloved NY sports teams (except the Knicks) win a championship