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"ACE" Martin

Executive Strategist + Service Advocate

"I love having an impact and voice for many different companies in various industries. My role in each of my companies looks completely different, and bending to a company's specific needs makes my heart and brain so happy."

Aimee Martin BS+Co. Marketing Knoxville

Let's start with the basics.

I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN, and I came to BS+Co. with experience working in healthcare, technology, and startups. Now, I tap into my passions for brand storytelling, reimagining the customer journey, effective UX design, and internal BS+Co. training and support.

As an Executive Strategist, my goal is that every company I work with quickly starts to think of me as an internal team member. I'm not a fan of getting lost, but I thoroughly enjoy getting lost in my companies. 

At the core of my Service Advocate position, I am supporting our internal team in providing the best service to our companies by listening to my team's needs and problem-solving with our ethos leading the way. 

When I'm not rolling up my sleeves to collaborate with companies, I can be found record collecting, antiquing, dissecting books that were made into movies, DIY-ing my house, killing the single mom game, or visiting a local brewery with friends.

My Companies...


At My Happiest...

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What gets me up in the morning...

+ Using HubSpot ninja skills

+ Customer journey

+ Creative ABM strategies

+ Effective UX design

+ Bold email copy

+ B2B marketing

Passions + bragging rights

+ Undefeated in Clue since 2006. Challengers are encouraged.

+ I'm a passionate home DIY-er who unwinds by painting, rearranging, and reimagining my spaces as frequently as possible. 

+ I have a photographic memory, but only conversationally. Not the fun kind of memory like counting cards, trivia skills, or being a genius.

Charity of Choice

Each month BS+Co. makes a donation on behalf of an employee.  In August 2022, Aimee chose:

"The personal connection I have to this charity started when I was 15 years old and I found my mom experiencing a stroke on a Monday morning before school. She was only 40 years old and without a history of heart issues. I love that I have the opportunity to donate to an organization that can directly prevent and educate others about heart disease and stroke."